Fun and Games with Mrs. Roman
We believe that:

  • Music is significant to the life-long development of every person, and is essential for all students.
  • Music is a vital part of the core curriculum.
  • Music expresses ideas and emotions, and touches the mind, body, and spirit.
  • Music will play an important role in a person’s life when they achieve skills in creating, performing, and listening to music.
  • The study of music is vital to the appreciation and understanding of our culture and the cultures of the world.
  • Current research clearly demonstrates that studying music enhances brain function and increases student achievement.
  • Music enhances other curricular areas and provides a source of creative problem solving.
  • Musicianship is a unique and major source of self-esteem.

The four artistic processes that we address are:

  • Creating
  • Performing
  • Responding
  • Connecting

To address the four artistic processes, students will:

  • Sing, alone and with others a varied repertoire of music.
  • Perform on instruments, alone and with others, a varied repertoire of music.
  • Improvise melodies, variations, and accompaniments.
  • Compose and arrange music.
  • Read and notate music.
  • Listen to, describe, and analyze music.
  • Evaluate music and music performances.
  • Understand the relationship between music, the other arts, other disciplines and daily life.
  • Appreciate music in relation to history and culture.

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